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17 Amazing Facts about Greece

17 Amazing Facts about Greece Modern Greece is blessed at the same time doomed to be famous for its immense history, culture, contributions to the world and the historical figures it has produced. That's the main reason that when you think of Greece, your mind automatically goes either to its natural beauty or its vibrant ancient history.
Today's post is about a small introduction to this beautiful country.

Before we begin, I would like to know, What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Greece ??? Let me know in the comments below and lets begin with our brief introduction to Greece. 
1. Greece's Real Name: - Lets start with the most surprising one. Greece is not the actual name of the country. The official name of Greece is the 'Hellanic Republic' .The Greeks call their country 'Hellas' or 'Ellada'. 
Then why Greece ????
The English word Greece is derived from the Latin word 'Graecia', which was used by the Romans and l…

14 Places to put on your Italy Bucket List

14 Places to Put on Your Italy Bucket List Home to beautiful villages, stunning beaches, amazing nightlife, unspoiled countryside, long history and some wonderful cultures, Italy is without a doubt a place on everyone's bucket list. There are so many places to visit, so many different cultures and food and wine that you will take a lifetime to explore all this country.

The only problem is where to start with. Most of the times, people forget to explore some of the hidden, not so famous places. I have put together a list of 14 best places to visit in Italy. So grab your passport and get ready for a viaggio memorabile.
1. Cinque Terre: - The Cinque Terre(five towns) is a string of 5 fishing villages namely Monterozzo, Vernassa, Corniglia Manarola and Riomaggiore. The easiest way to get to these 5 villages is by train. There are trains which connect these 5 villages directly with Genoa, Pisa and Rome. 
Although you can explore these villages in one day, I would recommend spending at…

Italy on Train for 2 weeks

Italy on Train - A Perfect 2 Weeks Itinerary Italy a country with rich history, amazing culture, delicious food and beautiful sights is probably on everyone's bucket list. Being a small country, traveling by road or by train is a perfect option for exploring this beautiful gem of Europe.

The best time to visit Italy is from July to August. But I feel like, the best time would be at the starting of June and in September. This way you could avoid the crowds and also enjoy the amazing climate of Italy.

I personally prefer trains because they are cheap, highly efficient and time saving. Also being able to hop into train at one place and arrive at another within a couple of hours is much less stressful and convenient than negotiating busy airports. Plus you can spend time relaxing and gazing out of the window enjoying stunning scenery pass by.

The best part about this itinerary is that, its super flexible. Suppose, if you have already visited Rome and would like to visit some other pl…