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India - Important cities

Important Cities :-Delhi :- Delhi is the capital city of India. This city is also one of the ancient cities in the world, characterized by its historical monuments, forts and buildings. It is also the home of many government agencies, including the Parliament of India, making it the political hub of India.

Mumbai :- The capital of Maharashtra state, is the biggest financial center in India. It is the home of Bollywood,huge studio, producing largest number of movies annually. It is also home to Reserve Bank of India. The headquarters of many multinational companies are located in Mumbai, making it the center of attraction for business and entertainment. It is also home to 28 billionaires and is ranked 6th among top 10 cities with most billionaires.

Kolkata :- The capital of West Bengal and the Ex-Capital of India, is a major port city and commercial hub of North-East India.Some global companies with headquarters in Kolkata are ITC limited, Allahabad bank and UCO bank.

Bengaluru :- The ca…

India - Culture and Festivals

India - Culture and Festivals  Culture is defined as the peoples way of life. Due to its huge population and long history, the culture in India is a amalgamation of several cultures that span across the Indian subcontinent. It is a blend of cultures of various religions, castes and regions. The best way to enjoy the different tastes of this culture is through festivals. There are many festivals celebrated throughout the country all around the year.

These Indian festivals and cultures are characterized by gaiety, colors, rituals and enthusiasm. Here are some of the major festivals celebrated in India.
Diwali :-Diwali is the major festival celebrated in India. Also known as the festival of Lights, it was first celebrated by the people of Ayodhya on return of Lord Rama from 14 years in exile. Even today small clay lamps and candle are lit during the celebration. The light symbolizes victory of good over evil. This is the best festival to enjoy Indian sweets.

This festival is celebrated fo…

India - History

Indian History Timeline

India is one of the countries which has a very rich history. It can be traced back as long as to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization around 6500 BC. The Vedic period, Maurya empire, Gupta Dynasty were the major eras which the Indian history during the ancient times.

In the Medieval period there were many small kingdoms ruling all over the country until the formation of the Delhi Sultanate in 13th century AD by the central Turks. They were later succeeded by the Mughals in the 16th century. These kingdoms occupied the major portion of northern India.
The other major kingdom which was formed during this period was the Maratha kingdom in western India.

The modern history of India is all about the British rule and the struggle for Independence.

Ancient History :-

The ancient history of India can be divided into 4 major parts

 The Indus Valley Civilization The Vedic Period The Maurya Dynasty The Gupta Dynasty  The Indus Valley Civilization :-

This civilization also …


India - Geography
India, a country which occupies a great portion of South Asia. The 7th largest and 2nd most populous country in the world. It has 29 states and 6 union territories which have substantial control over their own affairs.
Delhi is the capital city of  India.

Boundaries of India
As can be seen in the above image, India shares its borders with numerous countries.

With Pakistan and Afghanistan to North-WestChina,Nepal and Bhutan to the NorthBangladesh, Myanmar and Bay Of Bengal to the EastAlso there is Arabian Sea to the West andIndian Ocean and Sri Lanka to the South
India is known for its vast geographical diversity. Ranging from the mighty Himalayas in the north to the long coastlines in the south, from some of the wettest places on earth to the dry deserts. India has it all.

India can be divide into 7 major geographical regions. Listing from north to south, they are as follows-Himalayan Mountain Range to North and North-eastGangetic Plains The Deccan Plateau in the centre…