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8 weirdest events in Finland

8 Weirdest Events in Finland Currently, we are on our journey through Finland. In the last post, I introduced you to this weird, beautiful country with some facts about it. I told you about the saunas, the natural beauty and also some weird events taking place in the country.
In this post, we are gonna take a close look at all those weird events that take place in Finland.
1. Wife carrying championship: - Let's begin with the most amazing one. In this event, men carry their wives(even a girlfriend or female friend is fine) on their shoulders through an obstacle course. This event is held every year in the month of July in Sonkajarvi.

There are many ideas as to how this sport was invented. One idea is that a robber named Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen and his thieves would go to neighboring villages and steal other men's wives to marry themselves by carrying them on their shoulders. It is also believed that he trained his thieves with this activity so as to make them faster and strong…

16 Amazing Things to Know about Finland

16 Amazing Things to Know about Finland Hi friends, recently we completed with our journey in Greece. I hoped you enjoyed the journey getting to know about Greece, it's culture, festivals, food and best places to travel in Greece. For our next country we are heading to Nordics and exploring the country known for beautiful nature, Finland.

I always feel that it's better to know a few things about a country before visiting it. So in this post I am gonna introduce you to Finland by telling you some of the amazing facts about the country.
Let's begin.  1. Happiest Country in the World: - The latest UN report stated that Finland is now the happiest country in the world. This one should not come as a surprise, since the Nordic countries are generally at the top of the list. But Finland made a big climb from number 5 to number 1. 2. Finnish Language: - The Finnish language is one of the 10 most challenging languages in the world to learn and translate. It's no wonder, when …

9 Best Islands to Visit in Greece

9 Best Islands to Visit in Greece Trip to Greece is incomplete if you don't visit its gorgeous islands. There are around 6000 islands in Greece but only some 200 of them are inhabited. The islands make up 7500 km of country's total 16000 km coastline.
They offer a highly diversified landscape : beaches stretching over many kilometers, sheltered bays and coves, sandy beaches with sand dunes, pebble beaches, beaches with dark colored volcanic soil and coastal wetlands.
Many of the beaches in Greece have been awarded Blue Flag under the Blue Flags of European Program, providing not only swimming but also scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. 
Some of the oldest European civilizations like Minoan and Cycladic civilizations, developed on Greek islands, so therefore the islands have unique archaeological sites, a distinctive archaeological heritage and the fascinating old traditions of centuries old civilizations.

Greek islands are extremely popular among…